Spring/Summer 2017






Linit has much experience of work with natural fabrics. Specialization in this field allows us annually create season collections made of linen, and not only linen, in accordance with the modern requirements in the textile market.

Clear fashion or eco-fashion is the absolute trend in the modern world. Linit for a long time ago have chose as its major — manufacturing of quality product made of natural fabrics. The brand is well established thanks to the modern treatment technologies and dyeing of linen fabric and handmade elements that make Linit collection popular all around the world. The desire to bring comfort in every moment of life inspires the Linit team to create clothes collections for men, women and children and also home textile. Love of nature and the simplicity born in the classical collections made of natural fabrics in the fashionable color palette. Casual luxury that Linit gives is something special that is associated with nature and well-being.

Brand product along with practicality and the elegance has a number of advantages. Modern stonewash technology uses natural ingredients only. Linen fabric becomes softer and after further washings the product doesn't lose the form and color. We use original dyes which haven't any negative impact on the ecosystem and human. Beside of that, flax is a natural antiseptic and filter. It protects human skin from the harmful effect of ultraviolet and has a healing effect on those who wear it. Our clothes are beautiful and comfortable: convenient fit, delicate processing of internal seams — trade mark of Linit.

Purchasing clothing by Linit brand you can be sure to bring in your life purity and power of nature. We are proud of the quality of the materials in our collections and special attention to details in the combination of style, finesse and idea of elegance.

Collections of Linit brand perfectly fit in active life of our clients thanks to simple and pure lines and soft touch. High-quality and fashionable Linit textile of Italian manufacturing is created for 25 years in Bologna.

Whatever you like casual clothes or looking for a perfect fit, anyway clothing by Linit isn't only comfortable at that it is in accordance with fashionable trends of the modern fashion and design.

Clothes for men, women and children are few stylistic lines to create refined or casual appearance. Annually we present two season collection for every block. They are reflection of classical elegance and the result of the union between fashion, design and high-quality. Individuality of the brand gains a special expressiveness thanks to the innovative ideas of realization and natural fabrics: linen, cotton and wool. All the manufacturing stages, from sketch to final product are performed in Italy. The combination of a high professionalism and creative approach to the work, passion and desire to create a really cool product inspires Linit team. Linit clothing is stylish and elegant, practical, natural and unconstraint.

Your dreams will come true! Linit isn't only textile, it is a realization of care and we offer only that we love!

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