Summer in white!

Summer, summer, a lot of light!

White is perhaps the most unfading color of this season. It does not fade under UV rays and always looks fresh and romantic.

What to add to a white dress so that it will make your wardrobe more varied?

white dress white dress white dress

First, it can be made with lace. Lace insets and also predominance of such a fabric are the trend not only of this season. These are Boho, hippie and casual styles. But the most important thing is that lace is very feminine. Only lace can make any garment and even austere Japanese clothing look nice and feminine. Lace is mostly crafted from cotton. This fabric is neat and will not become frayed after initial washing and during a journey to the seaside when clothes lay tightly in a traveler’s favorite suitcase.

Secondly, a flared skirt. This secret has been known to the mankind since the early times. Any figure is flattered better with a moderate flare and pleat. A sporty body acquires grace and ample figures enjoy lightweight smooth lines and flexible elements of the design. You look lightweight and romantic.

Open shoulders. White cannot go without the major element of Boho and hippie styles!  Open shoulders, sleeves with cuts and open back – these are essential parts of our summer dresses. Besides, white helps to minimize such nude effects and make them look gentle.

Length. Maxi length and white color have become real hits of the hot season! Enigmatic, romantic and graceful... white maxi clothes can conquer hearts!