Linen Dresses

Dress Malta

You cannot do without beautiful shades of blue this year. Classic jeans color and its blue hues are fashionable all year round.

Dress Libya

Safari style, which appeared in the 1960s, is a mix of military and sporting styles.

Dress Laurette-2

We kindly draw your attention to a shirt dress “Laurette-2” made of Italian pure linen with a floral print in complex pastel shades.

Dress Leontia

Spring/summer 2018 fashionable floral print looks delicate and feminine.

Dress Irida-2

Irida-2 shirt dress is crafted from linen fabric which has undergone a stone wash processing.

Dress Parisian

Black color sets the style for Parisian dress but it does not look simple.

Sundress Audrey

Our designers have developed a play of stripes for Audrey sundress.

Sundress Naomi

Naomi sundress is made of two fabrics, a linen/cotton blend outer layer and an elongated cotton lining.

Dress Twin-Set-2

Layered clothes are trendy! Unusual Twin-Set-2 dress of an A-line silhouette consists of two parts.