Linen Dresses

Dress Franka

Romantic Franka dress is designed especially for plus size women.

Dress Unonna-2

A simple but beautiful silhouette, pure proportions and casual look due to crash technique – this is all about Unona-2 dress.

Sundress Naomi

Naomi sundress is made of two fabrics, a linen/cotton blend outer layer and an elongated cotton lining.

Sundress Audrey

Our designers have developed a play of stripes for Audrey sundress.

Dress Libya

Safari style, which appeared in the 1960s, is a mix of military and sporting styles.

Dress Isadora

Natural fabrics and blended textures characterize boho style! It features an effect of handmade work, buffies, and raw edges.

Dress Krizanta

It is easy to imagine a slim figure. Gentle shoulder blades are seen in a triangle décolleté at the back that opens a neck curve.

Dress Twin-Set-2

Layered clothes are trendy! Unusual Twin-Set-2 dress of an A-line silhouette consists of two parts.

Dress Breeze-2

Attention! The real shade may differ from that shown in the photo.