Linen Dresses

Dress Edith

The main message of the cruise style is its simplicity and freedom!

Dress Flamingo

Heavenly delight, the taste of juicy fruit and birds’ singing – a complete plunge into the atmosphere of holiday.

Sundress Yaroslava-3

Yaroslava-3 sundress is a perfect new garment for your wardrobe!

Sundress Federico

Federico sundress is one of the most popular garments this season.

Dress Jannice

Black and white Italian printed linen fabric. Not only contrasting colors were used in Jannice dress but also contrasting textures.

Dress Larissa

Lightweight 100% Italian linen was used to create Larissa dress.

Dress Mira

This dress is so elegant and comfortable that you will shine in it in any society.

Dress Antonella

Antonella dress is a smart and fashionable geometric garment.

Sundress Sharm

As if created to conquer hearts!