Fall/Winter 2017/2018 fashionable colors

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Let's talk about trend and fashion colors for Fall/Winter 2017/2018:

Red is not only the most exhilarating color but also the most trendy one in this fall-winter season.
Scarlet dress “Elma” in Italian milled wool looks even more luxurious due to the ruffles and an appliqué.

Ballet Slipper

Pink Ballet Slipper in Fall/Winter 2017-2018 is light and cool and will make your image fresh and elegant.

A stunning powder-pink dress “Latica” will make the heart of even the toughest girls tremble, and together with them will take men’s hearts.

fashion colors fall winter 2017 2018


A creamy beige hue, a warm and neutral color of the forthcoming autumn, will become an ideal basic color for creating a stylish outlook.

An elongated vest “Veronica” in milled wool will look good not only in a monochromatic outlook but also will outstand if combined with brighter and deeper hues.

Navy Peon

A neutral dark blue color is an ideal choice for fashionistas as it can be combined easily with any hue from grenadine to golden lime.

A wool sleeveless dress “Jacqueline” with a blouse will create a basic outfit and will fit perfectly in the autumn wardrobe!


Gray Choosing a noble gray color as a basic one will be another advantageous solution for creating outlooks this season.

Dress “Gerlen” is crafted from gray milled wool. A fashionable element, a volume stand up collar, will flatter the beautiful neck line.


One of the brightest and purest colors of the 2018 season is probably the color of sea harbor.

A classic deep blue dress “Cadi-2” will refresh any image and make it even more interesting if completed with accessories such as a bead necklace, a necklace or a bright brooch.