Bed Linens

Bed linens by Linit TM are made of 100% linen, natural and eco-friendly fabric. Cool, breathable and comfortable linen fabric was, is and will be relevant and popular all over the world. Useful properties along with visual appeal all of these differ linen fabric from other good fabrics. Nowadays linens are fashionable all over the world. Linens fascinate with rustic charm, texture and feeling of comfort. All kinds of linen fabric's processing, stone-wash, dyeing into vivid tints or naturalness and whiteness make linen popular all over the world. Linen fabric gives unlimited possibilities for creation to designers of bedding linens. Due to fabric dyeing Linit's specialists get the most different color effects and tints. Color palette of bed linens catalogue constantly widens. According to the trends we create the most fashionable tints only and combine them in bedding sets. Vivid colors of bedding linens will cheer up certainly.
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Decorations deserves special admiration: decoration with fine Italian lace and with Richelieu embroidery made according to exclusive sketches and another stylish decorative elements, for example, insets of different colors and texture fabrics, decorative buttons, holes and etc. Bedding sets in romantic style are decorated also with ruffles, ruches and frills.
In bedding linen catalogue you can chose bedding set for your taste and for your bed room interior: elegant classics, modern, laconical minimalism or naturalness "au naturel". Linen fabric is in harmony with other natural materials such as wool furniture, ceramics. These combinations give to us the feeling of nature closeness still more.
The unique properties of flax make bed linens useful and healthy for sleep are deserved special attention. It is natural antiseptic and promotes healing of small skin irritations and prevents many deceases. Absolutely hypoallergenic, doesn't irritate the skin therefore it can be recommended to people with the most sensitive skin, children and highly allergic individuals. Also linen doesn't accumulate static electricity. It is natural temperature regulator, breathable and water absorbs. It is impossible to spend summer without linen bedding set, especially in southern climate. Linen has high hygroscopicity and absorbs water and this is very important to small children and people who sweat a lot. Bed linens of linen have a wonderful property to warm in cold season and opposite to cool down in hot season.
It is easy to care about linen products. They are easily washed in washing mashing and quick-dried. They are should be ironed with high temperature. Some of bed linens from our catalogue have been processed stone-wash and we always note it in our descriptions. After stone-wash the linens needn't ironing, but look stylish and pleasantly to touch. Linen fabric is a quite resistant to sunlight so doesn't fade for a long time and keep vivid colors. The modern dyeing technologies guarantee keeping colors for a long time, even after multiple washing. Durable bedding sets are often passed dawn to the next family generation, keeping its original appearance and properties.
There are different sizes in catalogue of bed linens: single bed, single and half bed, double bed. You can chose bedding sets with upper sheet or with duvet cover. You can choose the color of bedding set in the color catalogue. No matter what color you will chose, the touch of pure linen will give you tenderness, comfort and pleasure. Make a present to yourself and to your close people!