Women's Pants

Women's clothing line proposes to create an individual style of the perfect dresses. A variety of tints in the color palette help to emphasize the feminine and attractiveness. The palette is created by our designers in accordance with season trends. Natural fabrics made in Italy allow creating practical and elegant things.

Culottes Lira-2

Lira-2 linen culottes are the main new item of this summer season!

Janine elegant trousers are crafted from pure linen.

Trousers Amedeya

Fabrics: 70% linen, 30% cotton

Culottes Dorothy

Fabrics: 100% linen

Pants Ruslana

Fabrics: 100% linen

Culottes Frank-2

Fabrics: 55% linen, 45% cotton

Culottes Rosalina

Fabrics: 100% linen

Shorts Paris

Fabrics: 100% linen

Shorts Tina-2

Fabrics: 100% linen