Women's Blouses

Blouse Dixie

The blouse is made in oversized style that features a loose cut and a deliberate dimensionlessness.

Blouse Enrica-2

Enrica-2 linen blouse with embroidery at the back performed with a contrast silk thread.

Blouse Shaina

Shaina casual blouse is a combination of simplicity and elegancy.

Blouse Francoise

The design of Francoise blouse was inspired by the fashion of 1920s which has become trendy again this year.

Tunic Athena

Athena tunic is a stylish loose linen item. The fabric has undergone a special stone wash treatment and then dyed.

Blouse Rosemary

Glamour and charm! Elegant Rosemary blouse is made of high quality Italian viscose.

Blouse Zlata

Zlata blouse. It is natural, exquisite and stylish. The key feature of this model is a romantic mood.

Blouse Melisa

Melisa blouse is a classic semi-fitted silhouette blouse. It is made of Italian cotton fabric.

Blouse Milena

Hawaiian viscose blouse Milena.