Trousers Belina

Trousers Belina


Trousers Belina look very well thanks to the right silhouette. Slightly narrowed to the bottom they visually correct the figure and balance the thighs and calves. Waist fit. On the front halves of the trousers there is a one-piece waistband with a convenient wide welt. On the back the waistband is stitched with a wide elastic band for a perfect fit. Shaped pockets, belt loops. Double stitching in a contrasting thread. The product underwent a stone wash processing after it had been ready. What to wear with? Put together a costume and the problem of I do not know what to wear disappear. Trousers Belina and jacket Belina will be your favorite garment in the summer wardrobe!

Fabrics: 100% linen


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