Linen Dresses

Dress Jiada

Fabrics: 100% linen

Dress Lucretia

Very, very comfortable!

Dress Fernandi

A new precious arrival in Linit collection – an emerald sleeveless dress Fernandi!

Sundress Anabel

We reveal secrets! What makes the figure look slimmer and legs look longer? It is a sundress with a high rise and an elegant top.

Dress Emma

Emma dress is designed for plus size women. A straight silhouette, midi length.

Dress Larissa

Lightweight 100% Italian linen was used to create Larissa dress.

Dress Flamingo

Heavenly delight, the taste of juicy fruit and birds’ singing – a complete plunge into the atmosphere of holiday.

Dress Sandrine

A marine style dress "Sandrine".

Dress Marisha

A super garment!