Linen Dresses

Dress Antonella

Antonella dress is a smart and fashionable geometric garment.

Sundress Sharm

As if created to conquer hearts!

Dress Valencia

Attention! The belt is included.

Casual style is a style of everyday wear that mainly focuses on comfort and practicality.

Dress Twin-Set

Layered clothes are trendy! Unusual Twin-Set dress of an A-line silhouette consists of two parts.

Dress Mira

This dress is so elegant and comfortable that you will shine in it in any society.

Dress Breeze-4

What does elegancy feature? It features simple lines, ideal cut, and a verified laconic design.

Sundress Flora

Lingerie style is trendy again!

Sundress Catherine

Milky white polka dot sundress “Catherine” is made of Italian printed stonewashed softened linen fabric.

Dress Carlotta

Attention! The width and layout of stripes may differ from that shown in the photos!