Boho Style

Boho style details

Sundress Alberta

A white Alberta sundress from Italian pure cotton is one of the prettiest garments in the summer collection of Linit brand.

Sundress Alberta-2

Alberta-2 sundress is like fresh flowers in spring!

Dress Fabiana

A-Line keyhole neckline dress “Fabiana” is an elegant supplement to your casual and evening gowns.

Dress Rebecca

Rebecca dress is made of dark blue linen with a crash effect.

Dress Twin-Set-2

Layered clothes are trendy! Unusual Twin-Set-2 dress of an A-line silhouette consists of two parts.

Dress Unonna-2

A simple but beautiful silhouette, pure proportions and casual look due to crash technique – this is all about Unona-2 dress.

Dress Amedeya

Choosing a plus size dress may be difficult. It is necessary to flatter the body and hide figure faults.

Dress Flamingo

Heavenly delight, the taste of juicy fruit and birds’ singing – a complete plunge into the atmosphere of holiday.

Skirt Gorizia

Fabrics: 100% linen