Spring/Summer 2018

Pants Italo

Fabrics: 60% linen, 40% cotton

Blouse Shaina

Shaina casual blouse is a combination of simplicity and elegancy.

Blouse Enrica-2

Enrica-2 linen blouse with embroidery at the back performed with a contrast silk thread.

Skirt Catherine

Fabrics: 100% cotton

Skirt Gorizia

Fabrics: 100% linen

Tunic Eliza

Eliza tunic is made of linen fabric with openwork lace inserts. The ready-made garment was dyed in a bright yellow color.

Top Alpha

Alpha top with lace straps is weightless, feminine, and refined. A triangle décolleté is tempting but restrained.

Jeans Fausto

Fabrics: 100% linen

Jeans Flavio

Fabrics: 100% linen